Holy Week And Born Again.



According to Wikipedia and Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.

In 24 hours the world witnessed victory and loss. We saw this in the eyes of Tiger Woods the moment he knew he had secured his win at the Masters and in the eyes of those looking on at the fall of the Notre Dame. We have all experienced those cold hands of failure and in a beautiful twist, we havealso been lifted up with wings of success. Surely we can appreciate what these two world events mean. For me, it’s even more poetic that this fascinating display of duality happened at the start of Holy Week. A time when we are reminded of the crucifixion and resurrection of a leader, according to the Bible.

Tiger Woods has always been an ace golfer but a public scandal and several injuries pretty much screwed up his career. The naysayers, the critics and the narcissists were all too happy to remind the rest of us of his downfall. Honestly, I never thought he would wear the green jacket again but I was always amazed by his courage and brave attempts to re enter the game. Persistence really pays off.

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The Notre Dame. A symbol of peace and architectural beauty for millions around the world. 200 years to complete and stood tall for 850 years. It was saddening to see this crumble in just 12 hours. Immaculate floors, stunning artwork, the majestic spire and the sweat of hundreds of men replaced with in such little time, rubble, broken glass and sweat of fire fighters against the backdrop of weeping onlookers, Catholics and art lovers around the world. All is not lost thankfully. This devastation has inspired a surge in philanthropic efforts and a sense of greater appreciation for what’s left of Our Lady. What’s gone is gone and it could be 40 years for reconstruction to be completed but comebacks always open up opportunities for growth and improvement. Change is never comfortable but sometimes necessary in our quest for a better life.

Call it coincidental or sneaky conspiracy by a higher power, these events in my mind have been successful in revealing the meaning of Hope, Faith and Gratitude. Not a bad time to take a look at ourselves as we settle into a long and enjoyable weekend.

Happy Easter!