Kung FLU Fighter – KD’s Appetite For Discussion


by Karen ‘KD’ Dass

I spent my weekend sniffling, sneezing, medicated and snoring. Gotta say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be as a couple of years ago, my body took some rough knocks from pneumonia. (twice!)

We often hear and read about the mind , body and spirit. I think we’re getting the hang of understanding the deep connection there, but still a work in progress connecting all three. Once we do, life will seem so effortless. I can confirm this.

The fact that this flu didn’t hit me a one two punch means my body is stronger. My body is stronger because I made a conscious decision to take better care of myself. This was achieved through healthy meals (yeahhhh I have my binge days),cardio, dance and rest. But that’s just a part of the process of self-care. It’s important we spend time doing the things we absolutely love. There’s a vibrational reward attached here and when it hits you, you’re on the way to a whole new level of HAPPY!  Also, it helps if you engage with folks who truly care for and love you. They are the ones who will encourage you to be better.

AH! Some folks swear by the ole time remedies for the cold. Some ginger and saffron tea with an old fashioned menthol crystal / eucalyptus vapor have been proven to be pretty effective in the  journey to flu free status. Click on the link below for some more “long time” tips: