The Future Looks Good!


It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult.

This is so clear when you’re reading about killings, robberies, kidnappings and corruption. If we can’t save one generation, perhaps we should start with those who can still be inspired and groomed into decent men and women.

Let me share with you the story of Shakira Rahman. Shakira is on the board of directors for a UK Muslim charity named Penny Appeal and her goal is for the foundation to find innovative ways in helping the 4.5 million children living in poverty. This is no ordinary board member. Shakira Rahman is just 11 years old, their youngest member and brimming with confidence.

She said she approached AdeemYounis, founder/director, with her thoughts and suggestions. I imagine Mr Younis was completely bowled over by her tenacity and charm. Kudos to him and the others for really listening to the voice of a young girl who genuinely wants better for the less fortunate.

The future looks good with someone like Shakira Rahman. You can check out the charity’s work by clicking the link below.