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SRP shoots bandit who broke into his home

A SRP officer is alleged to have shot one of four suspects who broke into his San Fernando home on Saturday night. Around 10:30, the...

Central Bank to consider removing 5 cent coin

Central Bank Govenor Alvin Hilaire says they are considering removing the five cent coin from circulation, similar to what was done with the one...

3 denied bail on charges of kidnapping, assault

Bail has been denied to three men accused of kidnapping and assault. 21-year-old Matthew Caesar, 29-year-old Allasafe Huggins and 31 year-old Kevin Wolfe appeared virtually...

Man obtains $65k in laptops with fraudulent cheque

A businessman was arrested after allegedly buying $65,000 worth of laptops using a fraudulent cheque. 43 year old Joseph Cain was charged after being positively...
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