A new colour code for us


As a citizen and businessman for the last 60 years, I am compelled to share the following points with the hope that they will assist in guiding the national community in choosing people who can manage this country effectively.

Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘Oh God, help us walk together, pray together, sing together and live together until that day when God’s children-black, white, red and yellow- will rejoice in one common band of humanity in the kingdom of our Lord-Amen.’

To my fellow citizens of our beloved country, the election bell has rung again. Be on the alert! Any politician that comes to you with any racial perspective, be it in a red, white, yellow or black jersey, stop them immediately! Let them know that after 58 years of being an independent nation, we are one ‘rainbow country, rainbow people and a rainbow nation’. We cannot afford to continue the discriminatory divide for political gains.

The world’s economy is facing perhaps its biggest challenge ever and T&T is part of it. We are dependent on oil and gas. In the 1970s we dropped agriculture like a hot potato and today our local food production has decreased to a meagre percentage of GDP.

Let the politicians tell us how they intend to re-invent our economy to regain lost revenue. What are the plans for diversification away from energy? I remember that we tried to manufacture cheese and it did not work out because 90 per cent of the milk input had to be imported! Let the politicians know how comparative advantage works; we have to look at items like cocoa and coffee that allow our nation some level of control over our destiny.

Ask the politicians if they can guarantee that they would stop ‘kicksing’ in Parliament and abusing one another, especially with our children looking at them. Let them show you that they are not corrupt. Maybe they can change the name from opposition to ‘consultants and advisers’.

Let Covid-19 be a lesson for all of us and never allow a situation like George Floyd’s death to develop in our beautiful twin-island T&T, be it in Laventille, Caroni or Scarborough. Police brutality must never happen. We must introduce laws that will ensure it is prevented at all times. Let us start by acknowledging that every human life matters.

My fellow citizens, may I suggest that you stop wearing red, yellow, white, green jerseys to identify which party you belong to as this creates a socio-political divide. Why not wear a black jersey with the name of your party in white only?

I implore all ages 18-98 or whatever your age…please….go out and vote! Our future depends on you.

Balliram Maharaj