After lockdown, what’s the plan?


Daily we are lectured about our irresponsible behaviour being the reason for these latest health regulations but are not told of any plans to get us out of this situation.

What happens on July 4 when/ if the numbers do not go down?

We are told that heard immunity by vaccination is the only answer but that we can only expect 10 per cent of the population to be vaccinated by the end of August. So what’s the plan after July 4? Extension of the present health regulations, continued business closures?

Where are the voices of the business leaders, medical, legal and other professionals that should be speaking out on the complete lack of planning by our present administration? With the exception of a few the rest are silent and seem willing to accept the narrative being fed to us daily by via the press briefings. Can it be that they can afford to sit out this tragic situation without ruffling feathers, while waiting for their payback?

It must be obvious to all that a getting together of minds is the only solution to this situation as the administration has shown that they are not capable and are fumbling around in the dark.

We are told that the government cannot dictate to landlords and financial institutions and can only ask that they practice empathy.

How come the government can dictate to the wider community conditions that prevent them from meeting their obligations but cannot dictate to landlords and the financial service sector?

Surely everyone must realise that the majority of working class citizens do not have the luxury sitting out this pandemic and sooner rather than later they are going to make themselves heard and the results will be catastrophic.

Good sense must prevail we cannot continue to wonder around blindly.

We must work with a plan.

Just my two cents.