If there’s one guy who could be considered an adopted Trini, it’s Ali Khan. It is no secret that the spearhead of the TKR bowling attack is quite popular with the ladies, despite his seemingly reserved demeanor. That being said, the country was somewhat surprised to see him featured in soca star Destra Garcia’s music video for her song “Me Gusta”. And while we don’t have a head count, we’re sure the reactions from the bulk of the ladies would have ranged from anger to jealousy to nonchalance.

But the story didn’t end there. After Khan’s parents saw the nature of the video, it was safe to say they did not take it well. It was clear that Khan, who has Pakistani roots, has had a strongly-rooted upbringing and Destra’s video was quite the opposite – sultry, seductive, and as some claimed – a watered down Nicki Minaj pappy show. Some claimed that Khan didn’t seem to take to his role too well, looking at sea sometimes.

But it is what it is. The displeasure of Ali Khan’s parents prompted TKR leader, Dwayne Bravo, to publicly apologize to them. He admitted it was him to linked Khan to his good friend Destra and her subsequent video. He claimed that Ali Khan was taken aback at how the video turned out and continued to apologize profusely for the apparent disrespect to them. Khan also took to social media to clear the air, saying he was okay with the video but didn’t realize the discourtesy he would have caused his parents.

The whole debacle roused once again the ugly face of social media. We saw the nastiest comments being hurled at Destra upon the video’s release, long before Ali Khan’s parents were brought into the fray. It worsened when they were, and endless comments were made about the soca songstress and her fault in having Ali Khan in the video.

Firstly, 10 points for marketing. Featuring a man as popular as Ali Khan in her video was a top-notch move, controversy or not. Everyone’s talking about it now. Secondly, Khan is an adult. And while he was asked by Bravo to feature, the decision to do so and all responsibility for it falls squarely on his shoulders. He even admitted to approving of the video upon the final edit. And kudos to him, he acknowledged that and also made it clear that he took responsibility for the hurt he caused his parents.

But once again, we see the nasty face of social media. Keyboard warriors who do not hesitate to blaspheme whoever they wish. The bottom line – Destra made a video with the consent of everyone involved. In the words of Ali Khan…Let’s move on, shall we?