Another false promise?


I see the attorney general is ranting, raving and moaning about the high levels of corruption within our public services.

This, however, is not something new. It has been going on regularly for a long time, right under his nose and the noses of other leading politicians, especially those within the PNM.

He wants now to do something really effective that would put an end to this practice.

However, I doubt anything meaningful will ever be done here by the PNM politicians to halt this practice.

This is clearly evident by the party’s continued failure to do anything worthwhile to halt such practices in the past, or stem the flow of the present everyday slaughter of our innocent citizens.

His sudden outburst about this matter is just another PNM ploy to try to convince ordinary citizens the party is aware of such corruption and will probably do something now to stop it.

Perhaps yet another false promise?

GA Marques