Are We Really So Stupid?


PRIME MINISTER Keith Rowley and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar must love the present murder rate and by extension the many terrible crimes we are plagued with in Trinidad and Tobago. How did I arrive at that conclusion? Simply because they are the leaders of the two groups of people in our law-making (or law-amending) Parliament who, if they put their heads (and support) together, can drastically reduce this murder spree by getting rid once and for all of the dozens of condemned murderers who dress back and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner courtesy our hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars. But I guess with 2020 coming around, the grab for power has already escalated so there’s no time to think about a few hundred citizens being brutally murdered.

And now to add to attorneys- at-law and human rights activists ‘brakesing’ for condemned murderers, we now have a new category of virtual defenders.

They call themselves criminal psychologists and criminologists. They literally give you all the excuses why criminals pick up guns and kill innocent people.

And so here we are, ready to wave our red and yellow flags and welcome the red and yellow leaders at our relatives’ funerals to shed their hypocritical tears.

Are we really that stupid?

Lloyd Ragoo