Commendable approach by CAL pilots


As Trinidad and Tobago continues to grapple with the spread of the coronavirus, it is indeed commendable of the pilots and stewards of Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) to call for a policy to make the airbridge a safe zone.

The pilots and stewards who are all nearly 100 per cent fully vaccinated are calling on the Government to make it mandatory for passengers to show proof of vaccination before they embark on this 25-minute journey.

They indeed make a very compelling argument that they should not be exposed to risk of infection from the unknown status of passengers, after they themselves took all the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

It is quite noteworthy that the high vaccination rate was achieved by the voluntary actions of conscientious and responsible employees of the airline.

They did not seek additional health insurance. They did not ask for any cash incentives.

They did not complain their constitutional rights were being infringed upon by taking the vaccine.

They did not argue their vaccination status was their private matter!

All they asked was that their employers protect them and their families.

Such responsible actions by the pilots and stewards of CAL must indeed be lauded, and other right-thinking and probably not right-thinking groups in the society must join in the battle against the virus.

Rabindra Moonan – former chairman, CAL