Crimes of opportunity in Tobago


If you have spent any time in Tobago you would know that lots of work takes place daily by men cutting grass, cleaning pools and maintaining properties. You would also know that Tobago is a very open place. Lots of gates have no locks and in many guest houses you can walk in freely without people raising much of an alarm. Many people in Tobago live under a false sense of security. You would notice drivers of vehicles leaving their car running while they run into a nearby restaurant to get something to eat. Many vendors are seen taking a stroll while leaving their goods unattended. Bandits are well aware of the environment and they are planning to make full use of the people’s laid back lifestyle.

Bandits are posing as pool men and maintenance workers and breaking into apartments and rooms and stealing peoples hard earned cash and other belongings. I am appealing to home owners, tourists and guest house owners to take security more seriously. There are too many loopholes, too much carelessness and not enough surveillance in Tobago. We are living in desperate and violent times because opportunities, jobs and money are hard to come by in Tobago.

More people are turning to a life of crime to feed themselves and their loved ones. What has the government done for the people of Tobago? Absolutely nothing and nothing much will ever be done because the people will continue voting for the same party over and over again.

Simon Wright