Critique, But Don’t Bully


103.1FM stands firm in condemning recent attacks on media personality Hema Ramkissoon. Ms Ramkissoon came under some harsh criticism from the leader of the People’s Empowerment Party, after a recent interview on a morning programme. The interview was attended by two female members of the PEP, and they too have been open about what they thought of the experience.

The media has a dirty job, and more often than not, it ruffles feathers. Many question their objectives and impartiality, which they should. Just as we the media have to scrutinize others, so too must the public scrutinize us. But at a certain point, constructive criticism can cross that very thin line, and become a tool for intimidation.

The PEP’s leader and members have strong opinions on how the interview in question went down. That is their prerogative and they are free and justified in sharing that. But, when the remarks border on personal attacks, then things have gone too far. Cyber bullying and other scare tactics should never be used and cannot be tolerated. Didn’t like the questions asked? Say so! Believed the interviewer was biased? Say that too! But to use profanity and hateful terms to attack the reporter on a personal level… that is unacceptable. Whatever moral high-ground may have possibly existed would certainly have crumbled. It was night and day when one compares the responses of the PEP leader with the PEP members who participated in the interview.

We do not believe the media is above scrutiny, but we stand against hateful attacks.