Do Not Relent On Child Molesters


We are always quick to pounce on a contentious matter that may arise that we do or don’t agree with. Sometimes when it revolves around our local politicians, we do not hesitate to express our feelings for or against that person’s view. Equally, we shouldwaste no time in offering our strongest support for any great proposal for improved legislation regardless of which side of the political divide it comes from. Today, we sustain any measures outlined thus far by Attorney General, Faris Al-Rawi to prosecute and expose convicted sexual predators amongst us.

Among the measures he wants to impose on these convicted ‘pervs’ are the stamping of their passports that shows that they are ‘child sex offenders’, inclusion in the sexual offenders registry that will be available to the public and tracking of any further suspected crimes via DNA analysis. From our point of view, these are relatively lenient measures. The more stringent the control of such disgraceful individuals there is, the better off our children and society would be. In fact, if we were the legislators in this instance, child sex offenders would have no use for a passport anymore.

Like clockwork, with the piloting of the Sexual Offences Amendment Bill in the Senate last Tuesday, the defenders of those who prey on children started their campaigns for leniency by the State. Among them a Senior Counsel who is also an Independent Senator and an NGO head. Their frivolous claims that stamping the passports of these ‘molesters’ would prevent them from buying duty free items or from seeking employmentanywhere in the world to stigmatising them in public have been put forward as reasons why they should be allowed to remain anonymous. It’s astounding how one’s personal association to an issue could sway their outlook, especially on a matter as serious as this.

The Attorney General said recently, that authorities here were able to identify a sexual predator from another country living among us through a public database. And we have people objecting to a similar system because it may hamper their human rights. Who was looking after the rights of the affected children when they were being attacked and molested? The AG needs to do what’s right for our children and our country. Stamp their passports, enter them in an international sexual offenders registry, make it law that they clearly identify where they live to keep them far from our children. Inflict similar punishment on those who traffic children too. Talk to organisations that have the welfare of children at heart and not their own. Don’t relent, Mr. Al-Rawi. Anyone who abuses a child has no place in our already decaying society.