Educated not ones killing, robbing


Committing a crime is a choice an individual makes and we should not excuse it. We should not seek to justify murder or robbery. I often hear people say because young people can’t get jobs they are turning to a life of crime. Do we really believe that?  I don’t have the data, so can someone tell me the average education level of a person who commits a crime (violent crime)? Or just survey the 510 people behind bars for committing murder between 2015 and 2019 to see their level of education. Or do they have vocational education?
With a lack of data, I’m taking a chance to say they are “dropouts” or maybe have secondary-level education (at best).

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but I think those who opt to further their education or do some kind of course are not the ones committing crimes against other people. We need to remember that without an education you won’t get the job that you want. I mean, almost every day I see fast food businesses and other similar places advertising for workers (and for those too you need a level of education).  What about security firms? They advertise all the time on social media and in the newspapers. There are jobs available. You just need to go and get it. Yes, I understand there is a challenge even for those who are qualified to get jobs, but are they the ones committing crimes?