Just as we thought we got away from the flooding this year, as 2019 comes to an end…a few hours of rainfall brought on some water, covering many parts of South Trinidad on Wednesday. The situation left many trapped, while the high waters left persons unable to traverse elsewhere or even get to their homes.

The floods entered many homes as well, damaging furniture and appliances in some cases, while others had to move their possessions as far away as possible. While it’s not a new situation, every time such flooding incidents occur, we are always left amazed as to how much it can affect the lives of families and individuals in just a few hours.

We’ve heard from the authorities that the drains were dredged and cleaned, and pumps were available to get rid of the excess water, yet many households would’ve had to face hardship nonetheless.

And while Debe, Penal, Siparia, Barrackpore and areas in and around Princes Town were the most affected this week, we know of other areas that were spared, especially those that got the brunt of it in October 2018.

We’re glad to see the local government agencies working better than they’ve ever been before, spreading information to let persons know what they can do and who they can call in times of need. When the disaster strikes, the timeliness and effectiveness of the response is what counts, and in most cases this week, there has been a good effort on their part. We say hats off to the regiment officials and community volunteers who are getting involved.

The flooding will never be over and this is why we need a Local Government that is strong and well-funded, as responses to such incidents are critical to ensuring that persons are not left alone to lose all their belongings in times of need.

We just voted for officials in a local election and we hope that citizens educated themselves not only on those who have been elected, but the entire process to know where the kinks are in local governance and how problems can best be fixed. In the end, the effectiveness of this system can determine our futures, especially in the worst possible times.