From BIR to the Revenue Authority


The country was told some time ago that the Trinidad & Tobago Revenue Authority (TTRA) will be responsible for the collection of Government revenue, including investigation of tax evasion. It will also train and equip staff.

1. Is there anything above that does not fall within the responsibility of BIR and Customs and Excise?

2. Are you aware that for many years BIR has had a department with responsibility of detecting those who do not file tax returns?

3. How will TTRA put a stop to the staff corruption and kickbacks which is common knowledge?

4. Why cannot BIR and Customs train and equip staff at present?

5. How will TTRA increase the productivity of employees?

6. When an employee transitions from BIR to TTRA, will there be a seamless continuity of Government pension?

7. Why cannot tax exit certificates be re-introduced? The reality is that the investigation of tax evasion is very easy to accomplish. We have many public cases which begs the question are these persons audited or investigated? Can they explain their wealth? In other countries the revenue departments simply visit say, physicians, count patients, and estimate income.

St James