Get rid of useless laws


As I peruse the daily newspapers, I am driven to wonder if Trinidad can be saved from the abyss into which it has been allowed to fall. It seems that nothing has been done to improve conditions since achieving Independence.

We have the same archaic laws that were relevant then, but are totally useless now.

For example, drivers without right arms have to paint ‘No Hand Signals’ on their beautiful new cars. Similarly, ‘Left Hand Drive’ for vehicles from the US. Everyone is driving with windows up and air-conditioners on, so hand signals are no longer an issue. How about persons found littering have to be brought to court? Why not make it a ticketable offence?

Let us get rid of all those useless laws and be more efficient in our approach to law. Just because the US does something, does not mean it is correct or good. We do not have to follow the US in everything it does.

For example, co-ed schools. You cannot put teenage boys and girls in the same school. The young girls are blossoming, and the boys are curious and testosterone is raging. The boys will fall behind in their studies and the girls will fight because of jealousy.

Lowly workers are being kept in poor conditions because of a silly clause in the rules of the National Insurance Board.

A worker, on attaining age 60, who has the requisite 750 contributions, has to first resign, giving up his or her only source of income (which could possibly be more than the pension amount) in order to qualify for the pension.

Why can that worker not keep his or her job and collect the pension as well, thereby raising his or her quality of life?

These are just a few thoughts, and I am sure if the persons elected to run this country took the time to look, a lot more could be found and done.

Richard Deane
Diego Martin