Help citizens towards self-sufficiency


World Famous investment guru Warren Buffet once said: “It’s only when

the tide goes out, you get to see who is swimming naked.’

This slice of wisdom is now even more important in this time of a global pandemic, which is likely to negatively affect us all in the short to medium term.

So, who has fared best? medically,

would you believe it’s Trinidad and Tobago, and we can all be justifiably proud

of this achievement. Dr Rowley and team,

take a bow!

However, economically speaking, our situation is extremely dire and the prime minister himself said recently ‘the country has been under-performing and needs transformation’.

Very poignant remarks, Dr Rowley, but

hasn’t this acknowledgement come four and a half years too late?

Anyway, my humble advice to you and

your 22-member team of experts is to target personal self-sufficiency for 95 per cent of citizens by 2030.

To achieve this target, all citizens must be constantly urged to be personally responsible for all aspects of their lives and their families’ lives.

Specifically, here are three key measures

you should take to make this happen:

1. Modernise the content and delivery of our education system by tailoring all learning programmes to be relevant to today’s digitised economy.

2. Transform (Dr Rowley’s own words) the Public Service to have 100 per cent of

their deliverables available by mid-year 2021.

3. Transform the judicial system by instituting strict timelines for decision making in all our courts of law. This measure is, in many ways, a prerequisite for the transformation of all branches of our protective services.

The correct implementation of these measures will help us relocate our swimsuits, as the tide is likely to be out for some time to come.

Gregory Wight