Illegal Garbage Dumping


As we continue to modernize the way we do things in Trinidad and Tobago, we need to quicken the pace on ramping up proper garbage collection, and making alternative options possible for discarding of waste.

Within the last few weeks, cleaning up exercises began in areas of the country were illegal dumping takes place. We’re not talking about just a bag of garbage or a few plastic bottles thrown on the side of the road. We’re talking about bushy abandoned areas where it seems multiple immoral, lazy persons take all of their household waste.

Though just some of the rubbish remains inside garbage bags, the majority is not, and items such as discarded foodstuff, old paper and plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, Styrofoam products, old furniture, old tyres, old fridges and almost anything else can be spotted at these dumping sites.

It literally is a mess and a horrible sight, and let’s not talk about the stench that emanates from these areas. But what is really the problem here? Each corporation has a responsibility to ensure the pickup of garbage multiple times a week, whether it is regular garbage, tree trimmings or white waste. And for the most part, that service seems to be running smoothly, despite the few instances where pay is short or workers are protesting for something. But that’s rare.

The amount of garbage being illegally dumped at various sites across the country begs the question: What’s going on with the garbage pickup in the perpetrators’ communities? Is the service that bad that they resort to dumping waste on their own, or is it that they’re bypassing that entire system due to a bad habit they picked up from their neighbours? Is it really that convenient to carry loads of garbage in a vehicle to dump elsewhere, than getting it picked up by others on a regular basis outside their homes?

We need to get to the root of the problem in order to deal with this mass illegal dumping problem. Clearing the dumping sites one by one isn’t going to help, as the habitual dumpers will return, or find someplace else to do their dirty deeds!

et’s implement specific legal dumping sites, as an alternative, where households can sort their waste and dump accordingly. This is done in many other countries. We’re known as copycats, especially to the US lifestyle – this is a good idea to replicate!