Racist…or fed up?


In a country where there is almost a 50/50 spilt in the ethnic makeup of society there will continue to be racial politics as the electorate in the main have and will continue to vote and sometimes have heated political discussions along racial lines, especially during election season.

Does this make us a racially divided society? Maybe it does, but we have lived in peace and harmony with each other so far-an example to many countries around the world.

We do not have ethnic cleansing taking place in this country, nor do we have Africans killing Indians or vice versa.

But yes, we did have the odd and sometimes amusing Indo-Afro intellectual spats between Selwyn Cudjoe and the now-deceased Sat Maharaj-who, by the way, were friends, or at least civil to each other.

What we do have are criminals killing innocent citizens of this country regardless of colour, creed, race or political affiliation.

They are coming out the woodwork like, yes, cockroaches and prefer to live as loafers and ‘lochos’, feeding off the blood, sweat and tears of law-abiding citizens- and that is what needs to be fixed, as a matter of urgency. So, when I read into posts from people like Naila Ramsaran and, more recently, from Fitzgerald Hinds (yes, people who are in positions to use their influence to become exemplars in society, rather than post such statements), I suspect it’s more about being fed up with the niggardly behaviour that suffocates our society and that affects every colour, creed, race and political tribe-is that being racist?

You be the judge.

Ricardo Lijertwood