It’s time to lead, not sit back and criticise


For several decades, the Government has silenced the voices of the private sector business associations, by the old Colonial maxim, divide and rule, and playing one against the other.

On the off chance that one speaks out, they slam them down by targeting, ignoring them by isolation, and by playing one against the other.

However, the time has come, when the private sector, through their particular associations, and especially through the Joint Chambers association has got to lead, not just criticise everything that the Government does.

The time has come, for the Joint Chambers and their members, to use their vast resources, and come up with a plan, which would be presented to the Government as well as put in the public domain for the judgment of the general public.

• A plan for the bringing us out of the COVID pandemic.

• A plan for the kick starting of the economy.

• A plan for the updating of fair industrial relations and labour laws (already started).

• A plan for the mobilising of T&T, for the benefit of T&T

Jamaica has the Private Sector Association of Jamaica looking out for civil society. You are our only hope. The time has come for the business associations to unite, and lead, not just criticise.

Diego Martin