Life will not be the same anymore


The world has gone through some shocks. These tremors demand a different kind of behaviour on the part of individuals, groups, organizations and the society as a whole.

The changes that will take place in the world will be enormous.

Itemized below are some of the ways we should do things differently.

The onset of this pandemic will demand more effective and efficient leadership from governments.

There will be an urgent need for oppositions to be less antagonistic, less hostile and more harmonious so as to work together in the interest of the citizenry.

Governments and oppositions must now be seen to work together for the common good of all.

Proper health and hygiene practices, instituted during this period of COVID-19, will now be the order of the day even when the virus subsides.

Congregation of a number of people in one place will be rare and must be exercised with utmost care and planning.

There must of necessity be an increased and heightened awareness of human physical distance.

Hugging, kissing and shaking hands as a form of greeting may now be met with some trepidation and so wisdom must be exercised.

Some measure of testing must continue to be instituted on people travelling across borders on the other side of this pandemic.

Internal travel must be examined.

The new order will require a reconfiguration of seating in taxis, maxis and buses.

This new dispensation will require employers to take seriously, flu symptoms that show up in employees. Regulations must be enacted to have employers do compulsory testing of employees on a regular basis.

Business places, schools and public buildings and spaces will need to be sanitised on a regular basis.

Individuals will need to wash their hands when exiting business places and public places just as they are asked to do when entering.

All sportsmen and sportswomen will need to be tested before engaging in a sporting event.

Congratulatory hugs and embrace of sports people must be avoided.

Some measure of apprehension in social interaction and social contact might be worthwhile in so far as it creates awareness and behavioural change.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to a change in our normal way of doing things.

We have got to understand it is not business as usual in this sudden and disturbing effect on our health, emotions and on our very lives.

It is said the Spanish Flu had a duration of two years (1918 – 1920) and that it wiped out a great number of people the world over.

If we are to gain a lesson from that flu, then we must be prepared for the long haul and make use of all the science that we have improved upon from that time to now.

One thing for sure is that we should not drop our guard.

Point Fortin