Much Ado About Nothing!


One would definitely know when elections are near. Previously invisible Members of Parliament reappear from their lairs to kiss babies, greet residents and share in the pain that the common folk endured throughout the years of neglect. Politics is a transparent business, at least to those who have eyes to see, for we know that the politically blinded remain an exception to the rules governing common sense.

Yesterday’s mid-year review came with little surprises. With this country on the cusp of election frenzy, the Finance Minister sought to highlight how well oureconomy weathered the recession over the years. Recovery, upward trends, positive growth, economic expansion, fiscal stability – concepts thrown about with joyful glee throughout his presentation. Words that would reaffirm hope to right minded individuals. But where are the signs of this growth, Mr. Minister? The statistics may say one thing from one angle, but what does the man on the street have to say? We’re sure it’s a totally different story. Are we to bury our heads in the sand and pretend all is well? The Minister was quick to highlight that three consecutive quarters of positive growth is indeed cause for quiet celebration. The projected growth path is forecast to be sustained over the next two years or so, as stated by Minister Imbert.

We find it appalling that the Finance Minister used theprofit figures of the banking sector to validate oureconomic recovery. Banks have always turned huge profits year after year, recession or not. This oligopolistic entity is a guaranteed money maker, with fees upon fees up to our necks. Is the Finance Minister grasping at straws by using such validation for financial growth? Are we being told that increased fees from banks, which in turn means greater profits, is a commendable fiscal measure?

We are not surprised that there were not more substantial measures implemented to stimulate economic growth, diversify the economy or improve on the supposed growth path that we’re on. With another election beckoning, we are once again being led down the path of gimmickry &political promises. It seems as though this country is destined to remain in this vicious 5-year cycle. If so, then those who grab at the crumbs every half a decade will be licking their lips with anticipation come September. For the rest of us, it’s ketch tail ‘til we dead.