National election repeats


To say that the silly season is upon us is putting it mildly. Indeed, you have the spectacle of a sitting Government repeating its campaign of five years ago which consists of blaming the 2010-2015 administration for the current government’s failure to implement any meaningful and effective policies to grow the economy and create jobs.

Meanwhile, the Opposition is in full “Alice in Financial Land” mode, promising highways to heaven in the form of lower taxes and endless jobs for all. Also getting political traction at this time is someone with some questions to answer, along with another very vocal political leader, who, when he was in the private sector, had a track record of operating in a manner which left many unanswered questions.

This individual’s greatest talent is that he fell in love with himself at an early age and has remained faithful ever since.

Much in the same mode, mention must be made of Watson “Joke”, in the sister isle.

Thrown into the mix are three other political leaders in T&T: David Abdullah of the MSJ, Garvin Nicholas of the MND and Steve Alvarez of the DPTT.

However, it very sadly appears that forthright, upstanding citizens holding the highest values, morals and integrity almost never rise to the top in T&T, but are only allowed peripheral supporting roles on the sidelines, as the autocrats and the kleptocrats slug it out in the main bout.