No more US sanctions? Imagine that



The United States is giving permission to Trinidad and Tobago to drill and explore for oil and gas in Venezuela.

Back then, when there were the Guaidó issues and United States sanctions, I said that T&T should just continue working with Venezuela. T&T needed the oil and gas.

Venezuela had no markets due to sanctions. But many, including the Opposition, were worried about sanctions by the United States.

Today, due to the Russia-Ukraine war/invasion, Venezuela now becomes attractive.

And this permission by the United States will only bear fruit sometime in 2025, with luck.

If T&T had continued working since 2018, today, we would have been happier than happy than pappy.

But, yes, the United States gave T&T permission to drill and explore in Venezuela. Imagine that!

Dr Philip Ayoung-Chee San Fernando