Of road maps and recovery


After many failed experiments, would historical circumstance be the factor which ushers in a government of national unity?

The fact that T&T has witnessed several close general election results in recent decades suggested this year’s race would be no less the same.

The data suggested the margin, in terms of seats secured on either side, would indeed be very close.

Extremely important questions arise due to this fact, and particularly so, given the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic: Among such questions are: • What influence would the management of this pandemic have on the approach taken to governing and governance?

• Would the gravity of the situation, in terms of job losses, economic downturn, increased demands on the health sector, loss of revenue, loss of foreign exchange and growing social despair, inspire an overture away from our traditional approach to governing and governance?

Interestingly enough, could it be that it would take the navigation of this pandemic, and the associated blueprint for economic recovery that must accompany it, to create the unique sets of conditions for a government of national unity that has so far eluded our republic?

Do our leaders have the capacity, in the genuine interest of the future of the people of T&T, to demonstrate the level of political gravitas that would witness, for the very first time, a unified platform for the governance of our republic committed to accomplishing the arduous task ahead?

Is it very likely that our leaders must now both retreat deep into in the solitude of Tobago’s Main Ridge, in an attempt to locate the kind of inner peace, humility and spirit of compassion required to place the people of Trinidad and Tobago before all else?

Can it be that the circumstances of this pandemic have led to a formula for a government of national unity which places a spotlight on us here in T&T and around the world?

The roadmap to recovery cannot be navigated without first establishing its central cardinal points. They are to be recognised in the following: • Intelligence leads to arguments. Wisdom leads to settlements;

Intelligence is power of will. Wisdom is power over will;

Intelligence is holding on. Wisdom is letting go.

Let us then pursue the things that are made for peace, and build up the common life.

Above all, do spare our people the polls in another 18 months.

David Mowlah-Baksh