Parents must pay for children’s actions


Are the authorities waiting for a child to murder another in school before a law is passed about school violence? Just imagine a schoolgirl carried a knife in school and slashed another girl in her face, it could have been her neck. Pass a law that parents should stand the consequences for their children’s behaviour.

Charge the parents a hefty fine and have some sort of punishment for the behaviour of their children.

The Bible says train the child in the way that must go so when they are older they will never depart from that training, If there is abuse, and violence, portrayed at home what will you expect if the children are exposed to that kind of behaviour at home? Parents, do the right things for your children’s sake; discipline them when you have to and stop being your children’s friend. You are the parents and the role model for them. I heard a police officer in the US told a parent that if you cannot discipline your children you will not like how we going to discipline them; that is your job as a parent.

There are no perfect parents; what you are supposed to do is your very best to bring up your children in the right way. Lots of parents are afraid of their children. They cannot control them so they leave them to do whatever they want, so you fail as a parent. If you cannot handle the heat get out of the kitchen…meaning do not have children. Children do not come with a manual; you are the manual for your children. Have rules and regulations in your homes. It is your house and you are the boss, not your children. They must have a time to come home from school, you have to pass the laws in your house, and by giving your children these expensive things to go to school, you all are creating problems. Why must a schoolchild must have a $2,000 cellphone and they are not working? Stop giving it to them. If they want it they have to earn it. I was in the US once and my son asked me for a Jordan sneakers, I told him give me five O-Levels then he will get the Jordan sneakers. He did not give me the five O-Levels so he did not get the sneakers. You call that tough love.

You are sending them to school to get an education, not to be thugs and hooligans, and if you cannot control them and they are getting out of hand take them to the higher authorities, do everything possible to get them on the right track. What about getting your children involved in different activities like singing in the church choir or the school choir, learning to play music-the drums, guitar, the piano-dancing, sports, netball, basketball, so many things that can keep then out of trouble, because their hormones are raging.

So parents, be responsible. And you fathers, take up your rightful place in the home. You have a responsibility to be the head of the home. Respect your family and be the man that God created you to be. The Bible says children are the heritage from the Lord. (Psalm 127: 3) And it also said that children’s children are the crown of old men.

And the glory of children is their father. (Proverbs 17:6) And most of all teach them about God, and make sure you take them to church.

Modicia Martin