Parties not keen on unity


Let us not fool ourselves. When it comes to unity in T&T, our two major political parties have no intention of pressing for a united front.

Yes, they may talk it but that is all ‘ole talk’ for we have been seriously divided along ethnic lines for decades. Each party has its following and we are all aware of this, and where most are when it comes to casting their vote.

It is not about good governance, the ability to run the country or making life better for the citizenry but, ‘does the person being put into office belong to my race or my party?’ When this type of spirit exists in a nation the word ‘unity’ is an empty word. In many hearts there is no trust or, may I say, love towards other citizens.

Those in the political arena feed on this to maintain power, keeping the land divided for their own political gain. What is even worse is when the citizens are sucked into this innocently. This is even more glaring at election time as the race card is on the table.

As a voice crying out, let me say that no house, country or nation can reach its full potential if there is division, because unity is strength. Let us revisit those words that we hear so often at various functions: ‘Together we Aspire, Together we Achieve’, beginning from the top and filtering down to all.

Arnold Gopeesingh
San Juan