Please, No More Empty Promises


to SO election season is ramping up and the empty promises are coming in left and right. A country with this much wealth and we cannot even manage water!

Our infrastructure is literally crumbling and you the citizen must incur the cost of repairing your car when you hit one of the thousands of potholes in the nation’s roads.

The blackout last week at San Fernando General Hospital did not cause too much of a stir as deficiencies and dsyfunctionality have become the norm.

The murder rate is just another headline we as citizens glance at and continue reading even though our nation is spiralling out of control right before our very own eyes.

The question is, how did we get here? Why is our debt-to-GDP ratio close to 70 per cent?

So as the promises come your way, ask yourself, why is this nation in this current state if those in power past and present really had the interest of the average citizen at heart?

What exactly do you intend to do that you did not do in the years you had power?

Instead, those in power rather throw false promises hopefully to catch the citizen who is drowning in the high cost of living, poor education, unemployment, poor healthcare and crime-infested black hole we call a country!

Please politicians, forget empty promises and provide us with solutions to fix this nation!

Michelle Dymally Davis