Put country first, then party


It is your democratic right as a citizen to have a view on issues important to you. It is your democratic right to belong to a party and to align with a political ideology. No one must ever make you feel less for that.

But when the dust settles on the political hustings, we must stop seeing people based on party cards and start viewing them only by their ID cards. We are citizens first, and party supporters after.

If the PNM (People’s National Movement) is in power and they succeed at making T&T a better place, I the ordinary citizen will benefit. If the UNC (United National Congress) gains power and they manage to make T&T a better place, I the ordinary citizen will benefit. If someone else comes and gets the job done, I stand to benefit as well.

Politicians are ordinary persons like you and me. They have families, they feel pain and go through every other limitation in life. Interacting with politicians on both sides, you will see they are very ordinary and likeable persons. Their choice to be part of a party is also an expression of their democratic right.

Everyone wants a better T&T, but we have different ideas as to how to get there. See the humanity of individuals and put party aside.

The day T&T changes is when places like Siparia or Chaguanas West have a ‘balisier’ representative of merit or Laventille West or Diego Martin North-East have a deserving representative from the ‘rising sun’.

Guarantee your sacred vote to no one unless they are worthy of it. Let each politician work to earn your vote, or keep your vote. The power rests in your voting finger.

Vedavid Manick Sangre Grande