Real progress is all about the collective


Selfishness has no place in success. The success of any economic driver is based upon demand and supply. Demand created by people- consumers, users, customers, retailers and resellers. Supply is also generated by people-extractors of raw materials, transporters, manufacturers and processors of inputs.

This supply and demand rules across all basic living components. Infrastructure demands architectural, engineering, designs, building materials and construction skills to supply housing, roads, vehicles, industrial, commercial and entertainment spaces. Similarly, security, health and education all need people, groups and teams, horizontally and vertically integrated, to provide and produce any measure of success. The selfish actor can only cause breakdowns.

An infrastructure job is key in any economy. Whether a job in design, construction, maintenance or repairs, the entire population and the nation’s sustainable development depends heavily on this individual. Conversely, this person must know and respect the role they are being asked to play. Their very security, the rule of law, respect for property and personal safety, which obviously has a personal component, is heavily funded by other taxpayers.

Their health, also with a personal component, depends on the national budget to prevent public epidemics. Their education, skills and talents development, producing thinkers and doers, is the key linkage in any society.

Economic achievements must start with know-how. Hence, education and the people directly involved, must see their role as inspirers and motivators, creating a life-long love of learning in their frequent contacts. Standardised curriculum presented at the basic level will allow for common communication and meaningful interchanges, via stored writing, of historical knowledge.

Specialised training methods are further employed to pass on lessons, mostly formed through trial and error, invention, innovation, and development to constantly and continuously better processes. Indirectly, all in society are teachers leading by example, the older guiding the youth, through their own actions, considered thinking, discipline and tolerance.

A population in poor health is an economic failure. Natural or manmade disasters can easily destroy any expected economic growth, as sick, safe and highly educated people are unproductive people. Maintaining a healthy society becomes crucial, long before emergencies hit and diseases spread.

Educated health and wellness workers are needed to therefore operate with vision and data to treat and prevent such conditions from forming. They must work in conjunction with infrastructure specialists and security experts planning and providing systems to clean the atmosphere, purify water and manage waste.

Security is seen by many as the linchpin in all economic activities. Planning and preparing for impending natural disasters due to the rapid climate change, must involve futuristic thinkers to redesign traditional infrastructure.

A healthy, skilled, talented and productive people attracts investors, people and funds, with the promise of earnings and returns, it is these people, who when combined under this new infrastructure, will drive growth in the economy.

It is these said people or individuals among them, who selfishly think, plan and execute corruption.

Terrance A Jennings