Refrain from cutting salaries


Our nation is experiencing worsening socioeconomic times on account of the COVID pandemic.

Incidentally, the present and future aspirations of our citizens are to be adversely affected by developing trends, especially the advent of unwelcomed taxes. There is much discussion concerning the expeditious hike in electricity and water rates at the alarming sacrifice of both government and private workers. Consequently, the void between the rich and poor will compel middle class citizens to become oblivious.

It is unfair and ungodly for workers salaries to be cut in such trying times, as a lucrative means of generating revenue. By and large, the vast majority of our citizens are living under the constant strain of paying hefty mortgages, increased medical expenses and the incremental rise in food supplies. The economic plight of single impoverished mothers needs to be considered.

Also, there are those whose medical expenses far outweigh their income.

Our government that continues to have a great deal of support by its public servants should not plan on cutting their salaries. There seems to be silence on the topic of an outstanding wage increase for teachers which is long overdue. Instead of cutting wages, the government should find a way of bringing salaries to a reasonable level for workers to cope with the scary rise in the cost of living.

Lindsey Rampersad