Seven-day SoE needed to curb crime explosion


With the explosion of crime in the country, a limited state of emergency (SoE) is required.

The Government should consider calling a SoE for seven days and obtain all necessary court orders for the police and the army to conduct house-to-house searches in all “hot spots,” including Laventille, Sea Lots, Maloney, Carenage, Beetham and La Puerta in Diego Martin, and all vehicles going in and out of those areas.

This vital measure is sure to result in a dent on drugs and arms crimes – and the arrest of many criminals.

Also, children should be advised that without proper education they will be unable to find good paying jobs and will be targets for gangs and criminals. Warn them that if they choose a life of crime they will have a short life and a cold coffin.

If this crime situation is allowed to continue unabated it will paralyse the society and international businesses will avoid TT.

And many local companies will cut staff or close, resulting in unbearable suffering for all citizens.

The Government must act swiftly to avoid civil unrest.