Sweet sweet dreams


I WAS dreaming about T&T 20 years from today and these were some of my visions:

• Having Spanish as a second language;

• Winning the Miss Universe/Miss World beauty pageant with our representative’s name being Rosabelle Genesis Zuleibis Palacios;

• Our national dishes featuring arepas together with pelau, doubles, crab and callaloo, roti etc.

• We Trinbagonians love public holidays; now we have included Festival de Virgin de Coromoto to be celebrated on January 2.

• Our census reads something like this: East Indians 39.9 per cent; Africans 39.8 per cent; Mixed (Dougla) 12 per cent; Trinbagonian/Latin American two per cent.

• The EBC may have to name a parliamentary area Tucupita/Caro/Lav; we may even have a MP whose name is something like Jose Maria Rafael Polanco.

• Imagine driving on the Maduro/Guaido Bypass Road.

• What about an additional radio station or frequency going by the name La Guairá Radio 91.3 FM.

I awoke and said, how can Trinbago really benefit?

Andrew Morris Chaguanas