Take back Our Roads


I would like first of all to join with most citizens in this country in commending our Commissioner of Police for the fine job he is doing. Notwithstanding that the level of crime remains unacceptably high, the CoP has restored public confidence in the police, as well as increasing police morale and efficiency, and I have no doubt that improvements in law and order will continue to be made.

There is, however, one important area that somehow to date does not appear to be engaging the full attention of the Commissioner: our road system. There is still total anarchy on our roads, streets and highways, with drivers and other road users breaking all the laws with impunity on a regular basis, with very little if any police presence to be seen.

Apart from the obvious downside of this situation in terms of driver frustration, traffic accidents, road rage and even road deaths, I would like to suggest that this lack of control has even deeper implications for our society.

I believe that this very public display of indiscipline and lawlessness sets the tone for the whole country: this is who we are and this is what we do. We like it so. We have surrendered the midfield to the criminal element in our society.

I would like to suggest to the Commissioner that his next priority needs to be the full assertion of the control of all our public spaces, including our roads.

For instance, before there is a “drive-by shooting”, the police utilising their intelligence should know whether there is a vehicle out there occupied by armed criminals, where it has come from, and where it is going, and that vehicle should be intercepted before any trouble starts.

So I say to Commissioner Griffith: It is time now to take back our roads.

A full and effective police presence must send a strong signal that the police are in control, not the criminals.

This would undoubtedly make a huge difference in restoring law and order to the whole country.

Gary N Voss