The danger of COVID 19


I do not think the Rowley government has taken adequate precautions to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 in the country.

Yes, it has taken some very high profile measures such as preventing nationals from returning home; closing its borders; imposing strict travel restrictions; closing non-essential businesses; and promulgating guidelines regarding social distancing, the wearing of masks, etc. But it has ignored an important fact which every epidemiologist in the country knows: the virus has already seeded itself all over the country, and we are lucky that it has not as yet erupted into an epidemic.

What is needed to forestall that outcome is widespread testing to detect and contain the spread of the virus. That clearly has not been done. How many tests have been done in Toco, Mayaro, Erin, Point Fortin, Princes Town, Fyzabad, etc? Instead of testing, the government has adopted a reactive policy: a schoolchild develops COVID-19 symptoms, the school is then ordered closed and someone is sent to spray the building; there is an outbreak somewhere in the South and Dr Rowley blames southerners and tells the country that “the state will ensure there is more active law enforcement.”

This manner of dealing with the problem will lead only to disaster.

The threat to the country is from within. So the government must urgently adopt proactive measures at home to prevent an explosion of the disease.

Ottawa, Canada