UNC must find some leaders or step aside


It seems TT has hit rock bottom in 2020 with the call in some quarters for leaders. It is indeed a sorry state of affairs as there appears to be a dearth in leadership on both sides of the political divide.

With crime rampant, all services deteriorating and the economy in terminal decline, desperation and lack of hope have forced some to not wait any longer on a saviour.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s recent television interview is a clear admission that he is unable or incapable of finding solutions to the problems we face.

We would clearly recall that Rowley appeared daily in the media prior to the PNM’s victory in 2015, pointing out the faults and incompetence of the then Kamla Persad-Bissessar government, claiming he could do a better job.

Sadly, at a time when the Opposition should be showing itself as the alternative government, it is instead taking a low-key approach to responding to the many plights citizens face. Maybe it holds the view that it will achieve victory in the next election by default.

At a time when leadership should be shown in the UNC, there is none. We get press releases from the party but see or hear little or nothing from its leader, Persad-Bissessar.

If the UNC is serious about being the next government, it needs to quickly get its act together and show it’s capable of leading this country out of the morass it is in.

If it is unable get proper leadership, I suggest it gets out of the way and allows those who are capable of leading to do so.

San Fernando