Unions need to wake up


The T&T trade union fraternity need to get COVID- 19 real. With the toxic changes to the coronavirus worldwide every labor leader cannot do a Darth Vader as was the case with Angostura and the SWWTU leader, Michael Annisette.

Not every business can afford to play expensive money games like Angostura. Just because a company managed to make a profit in the middle of a pandemic does not mean all workers can start smiling ear to ear. Angostura has the envious propensity to always turn a profit. Alcohol is living gold. Wake up and smell the special trade union brew. The cups in T&T are not going to get any bigger in 2021. This ‘You cannot send anybody home’ way of thinking is peculiar to T&T. Expecting a pre ordained slice of profits, is unadulterated dreaming. Threats and protests, obvious or veiled, will not cut it in this virus stricken little Third World economy.

Vaccines, regardless of how many, will not change economic global fortunes for at least another year. Possibly longer. I am no mathematical genius having given up on Geometry at Theorem 21. I also caved in on Algebra but I can count really good and I can read and spell. The reading says that T&T trade unions can start being realistic. Back salaries, enhanced salaries and no retrenchment, is pure science fiction.

The time is at hand for the business fraternity and labor to sit down and talk small possibilities. Protests, making style and with holding labor will be met with a concentrated sucking of teeth. There is no vaccine for stark reality.

Please take special note that I have not named which unions are playing more smart than others. And as we say in local parlance, ‘ Is all ah dem playing boldface.’

Lynette Joseph
Diego Martin