Unvaccinated holding T&T to ransom


Why must the unvaccinated hold the country to ransom?

It is time for the powers that be, stand up and do what is right for those who have been vaccinated and are now kept at home hungry and idle for no reason except unreasonable reluctance by the unvaccinated.

The Prime Minister said he is hoping to open businesses as safe zones. This seems a bit absurd because, once a business ensures that its patrons enter with a vaccination card then such a business is already a safe zone, certainly more safe than a Play Whe booth, a PTSC bus or a crowded Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.

It was also stated that by the end of the month, only if the numbers go down, that consideration will be given to opening cinemas, restaurants, bars, casinos, horse racing etc which is even more difficult to rationalise. Does this mean that if the unvaccinated stay in their position and the numbers do not go down, will these businesses now shutdown and remain closed forever?

The unvaccinated due to stoicism and stupidity, are now holding the full economic recovery of the country to ransom and causing damage. It is time to pull the plug and say no more, no more, as thousands of innocent vaccinated workers cannot survive on bread and water alone. If the miscreants do not want to vaccinate, it is now their problem if they end-up with Covid and die.

For the sake of thousands of unemployed innocent persons, the economy must now come first and ‘saving lives’ second; the Government must open up everything immediately as vaccination is available for who wants it. It is time to move on.

Peter S Moralles