We’re in the same khaki pants


It never ceases to amaze us how demented the ability to prioritise is among politicians who supposedly have our best interests at heart. Every 5 years or so, we blindly play follow the political leader, believing that if we give a particular one our precious vote, things will miraculously change for the better the very next day. We believe their empty promises to fix this and improve that and to change the way things are done if they are put in the White House. Naively, we come to the sad realisation, after the smoke clears, that we’re in the same khaki pants and the only thing that seems to improve is the quality of life for the elected few.

Take a look around and answer candidly – what improvements have been made to the fundamental elements that comprises a progressive society? Have there been great improvements to the education sector in the last half century? Has our healthcare infrastructure, including human resources, been brought up to the basic standards of acceptance? Do we feel more confident to walk the streets now without being assaulted than we did a decade ago? Is our country stronger financially and are we as individuals enjoying the benefits of the petroleum boom that we enjoyed for decades?

Over the last few weeks we have been clamouring for the basic necessity of water. The same water that overwhelms our communities and homes for the latter half of the year. But every January to June we are offered a few drops a week by ones looking out for our welfare. We would be delighted to hear good reasons why, as an island, we don’t have more desalination plants around the country. Or why weren’t more dams constructed in low lying, flood prone areas to collect water that could have boosted WASA’s output in the dry season rather than causing devastation year after year. Instead, money is being frittered away on highways and interchanges that are not critical.

Before we know it, election fever will grip the country once again. Promises of better leadership and concern for the citizenry will start flying in all directions while money that was never available to fulfil basic commitments will suddenly materialise. And most nauseating of all, the illusive Parliamentary representatives will make the trek back to your community after 5 years to shake hands, kiss babies and beg for votes. Are we going to fall for the same ‘politricks’ again or are we prepared to bite the bullet and demand more than the empty promises and gimmickry that we have blindly accepted for almost 60 years. It’s time to decide whether we want a better quality of life or whether we like it so.