Would more elections help?


For the vast majority of people in the world, Christmas is the best time of all. However, for me elections are far more entertaining.

Election time is when all the scandals come out. That is when the country is told who thief what, who going to make a jail, how much money who thief and all the associated bacchanal involved with politics in a third world country.

The only problem is that all is forgotten immediately when the election is over. At least until the next election comes around. Then nothing further is heard about the wrongdoing of the last government and no action is taken to deal with all the allegations of corruption flying around in the build-up to the election.

After 64 years and 15 elections one would expect that we have matured beyond this simplistic analysis of the relative merits of the parties vying for our vote, but that appears unlikely in our fragmented society.

As revolutionary as it seems, perhaps we need more frequent elections which may reduce the tendency to ‘buss the mark’ on the other party unless the ruling party can do what it claims, instead of waiting until just before the next elections to begin once again promising to do what it had promised before.

Would elections once a year keep the politicians honest?

Karan Mahabirsingh