Young passing the crime buck


The recent declaration by National Security Minister Stuart Young on the recent spate of murders and crime generally sets a very dangerous precedent for the future of TT.

If the minister is assuming or even leaning toward a political agenda in his rhetoric it can only further divide the country and cause more mayhem and violence.

By declaring that certain people or groups stand to gain from an increase in crime, he is suggesting that the crime spike over the last few months is deliberate and affiliations, groups, organisations and even political factions are intent on disrupting the peace and quiet.

In the past, the minister used “gang-related” to explain the crime increase, as if that was excusable. Now it seems that excuse is worn so the tune has been changed from gang-related and random to organised and even predetermined.

Since the minister is cognisant of where the crime comes from and who the perpetrators are, then it would be a relief if he could use all the “intelligence” he speaks about to bring down the statistics.

Seems to me that it is just another method of passing the buck. The nation is fed up of excuses. Change is needed.