12 Venezuelan women captured during raid at Cunupia ‘brothel’


    A raid conducted by members of the Special Operations Response Team at a hotel in Cunupia led to the detention of 12 Venezuelan females, 3 Jamaicans and 5 Nepalese men last night.

    The owner of the local brothel was also arrested.

    The Counter Trafficking Unit and SORT are actively conducting enquiries into the state of the women to figure out whether they are victims of prostitution and human trafficking.

    In a media release, the TTPS says Top Cop Gary Griffith has commenced to take action against human trafficking and the exploitation of women and minors, paying attention to night clubs, bars, and brothels, where these women are being used.

    However, he notes that there are a few police officers who continue to compromise these operations since they have a vested interest in this trade.

    He admitted that there are officers who have a stake in the illegal activities of these clubs and tip off operators of these establishment before an exercise, so that when officers raids, nothing is found.

    Therefore, he says the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) will curb this problem.

    He says SORT usually conduct sting operations to rescue kidnap victims and make hug drug busts and weapon seizures.

    And in the same way, he says SORT is now being used to lead raids on these night clubs, bars and brothels.

    He believes success is being seen by using SORT, instead of officers stationed in the Divisions where these clubs are located.