2 murdered in Tarouba, 2 murdered in Malabar

    (Photo credit: Kat Wilcox from Pexels)

    Two men are now dead after being shot in a vehicle in the vicinity of the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba this morning.

    According to reports, a third man was also injured and is now in a critical condition at hospital.

    The incident is said to have occurred around 11am, as the men were leaving a fete at the stadium.

    Meanwhile in a separate incident, two men were killed and another critically wounded in Malabar in the early on Monday morning.

    The deceased have been named as 25-year-old Tureek Raymond and 35-year-old Jerome Fernandez.

    The victims were at a house in Ackbarali West when two men entered around 3am, allegedly claiming to be police.

    The suspects shot the men several times and then fled the scene.

    According to reports, Raymond and Fernandez died at the scene.