4 private security firms hired by Gov’t to patrol Trinidad

    (Image via assl.com)

    Four private security firms have been hired by the National Security Ministry to provide mobile security patrols in various “residential districts” on a 24-hour basis.

    The Ministry says this will be for the period April 6th to May 5th in the first instance, to enhance the national security response and support recent measures instituted to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

    It says the patrols have no additional powers outside of their normal powers as private security officers, performing private neighbourhood patrols.

    It adds that these patrols will be conducted using marked vehicles and will maintain real-time communications with the National Operations Fusion Centre.

    The security firms are:

    • Allied Security Limited
    • Amalgamated Security Services Limited
    • Innovative Security Technologies Limited
    • Protective Agencies Limited

    It says these companies possess the experience, manpower, technical capacity and competence as well as required information, communications and technology infrastructure to rapidly deploy and sustain a physical presence.

    The Ministry’s release on the matter goes on to state:

    “Members of the public are reminded that the current emergency circumstances presented by the Covid-19 pandemic are dynamic and thereby constantly evolving. As such, the Ministry of National Security will continue to respond to threats to public safety and order by developing, modifying, escalating and/or de-escalating its response as required. This latest strategy by the Ministry of National Security to engage private security firms, represents one such measure and will effectively increase operational capacity of law enforcement agencies to more swiftly detect and respond to breaches of the law while promoting stricter compliance through public engagement. It is to be noted that this initiative will be monitored for quality and its operating parameters adjusted accordingly as necessary.”