40 Americans infected with coronavirus among cruise ship evacuees

    (Photo Credit: EPA)

    40 Americans being taken off the quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess are infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

    The Diamond Princess has been quarantined in Japan’s port of Yokohama with some 3,400 people on board since February 3rd after a man left the ship in Hong Kong and was found to have the virus.

    According to the BBC, 400 people from the US will leave the vessel, however those carrying the virus will be admitted to Japanese hospitals.

    The others are due to depart for the US on two government-chartered aircraft and will undergo a 14-day quarantine before entering the country.

    Japanese authorities also said on Sunday that the number of new cases on board the ship had risen by 70 to 355.

    China meanwhile has tightened restrictions on movement in Hubei province, the centre of the outbreak.

    The BBC says:

    • People in the province of 60 million have been ordered to stay at home, though they will be allowed to leave in an emergency.
    • A single person from each household will be allowed to leave the building every three days to buy food and essential items.
    • On housing estates, one entrance will be kept open. It will be guarded to ensure that only residents can enter or leave.
    • All other businesses will stay closed, except chemists, hotels, food shops and medical services.