Additional Galleons Passage sailings in Friday


    On Friday, there will be additional sailings of the Galleons Passage.

    In addition to the schedule, the vessel will leave Port of Spain at 8am, and Scarborough at 3pm.

    Persons meanwhile are reminded of the COVID-19 health protocols that will be enforced:

    • Wear face masks at all times whilst on the Port’s compound and during sailings
    • Undergo temperature screening exercise prior to entering our port terminals and ferries
    • Anyone exhibiting flu like symptoms (fever, coughing, sneezing etc.) are not allowed to enter the terminals without proof of medical assessment
    • Wash/sanitize hands at the wash stations installed at the terminals or use the sanitization stations to sanitize hands
    • Practice proper social distancing in the terminal environment, terminals and on the ferries. Persons are reminded to avoid congregating and any close contact with persons in the queue.
    • Restrict movement on the vessels during sailings