AG – multiple persons in private cars must wear masks


    Persons will have to wear a mask when in a private vehicle with others, even if you are related and live in the same house.

    This clarification comes from Attorney General Faris Al Rawi, following the passing of a law that now makes it mandatory for persons to wear a mask when in public.

    Over the weekend there was uncertainty as to how this will impact persons who are already around each other at home, and are travelling in the same vehicle.

    During today’s Health Ministry conference, the AG said because of ‘PH taxis’, it has become necessary to include private vehicles in the legislation

    The only exception he adds, are persons who are in a car alone, children under the age of 8, or those who have a reasonable excuse.

    He went on to describe what may constitute a reasonable excuse.

    This also applies to persons on vessels or in public spaces.

    The AG also says while face masks are preferred, face shields will also be allowed.

    This clarification follows separate statements on the matter: one came from the National Security Minister on Saturday, while the other came from the AG during the Senate sitting on Saturday.