AG sends warning to ‘zessers’ with unexplained wealth


    ‘Zessers’ have been put on alert to keep the receipts for their long gold chains in order to prove how they paid for expensive jewelry.

    Attorney General Faris al Rawi, says Government will be amending the Proceeds of Crime Act to introduce gang activity.

    He says the fight is now against gang members who entice young people to join gang activity because of the ‘bling’.

    And, the AG says they intend to take the ‘bling’ away via the court if the Zessers cannot explain their wealth.

    The AG was speaking during debate on the Unexplained Wealth Bill in the Senate yesterday.

    It was not passed, as Committee deliberations on the Bill will continue today.

    [Zesser: The urban term for someone who dresses with lots of jewelry, brand name clothes, likes to party, get high and is sexually promiscuous.]