AG wants the public to advocate for bail bill’s return to Parliament


    The public is being urged to advocate for the reintroduction of bail restricting amendments to Parliament.

    Last week, it failed to pass in the House of Representatives as Opposition members abstained from voting, despite it passing in the Senate.

    Speaking today on the bill, which seeks to restrict bail for use or trafficking of a prohibited weapon, Attorney General Faris Al Rawi dismissed the Opposition’s concerns.

    He says the right to bail is not being taken away but persons will have to show why they should get bail.

    This, he says, is different to other recent bail laws.

    He now wants the public to get the Opposition Leader to change her stance on the bill, stating that independent senators and Government has played their parts.

    Mr Al Rawi says the restriction of bill will have an impact on firearm related crimes as it adds to improvements made to the justice system.